Gameband Is the Ultimate Wearable (for Minecraft Players)

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Gameband + Minecraft is something special for fans of Minecraft. It’s a wearable (yeah, I know we’re hearing a LOT about those these days), but it’s a wearable with a big difference. Gameband is a portable game of Minecraft you take with you on your wrist. It’s YOUR personal, portable game of Minecraft.

The basic idea is that users can play Minecraft from the Gameband on most any computer (Windows, Mac, and even Linux), as the game is pre-installed on Gameband (but the user needs to have purchased the game license separately). On top of that, Gameband comes with a bunch of pre-loaded contents including awesome maps created by community-favorites SethBling, Dragnoz, and Hypixel. What’s really special is that whatever you do in a given session using the Gameband is automatically backed up to the Gameband, and if you have Internet connectivity, it’ll be backed up to the cloud as well (via Gameband’s servers). You’ll never lose your world again, and you can take it anywhere you want to go!

[This post was sponsored by Gameband]

photo 7As you can see, the Gameband is much, much more than just a USB stick on a bracelet. It’s a whole world you can create, and carry on your wrist. It’s also a fun piece of geeky wearable art that you can program yourself. And it’s built to stand up to the kind of wear-and-tear that kids will put their accessories through.

And let’s not fail to notice that, as you might have noticed in the video, the folks at Mojang, who ARE Minecraft, are big fans of the Gameband.


Price: $79.99 – Available at, or at Target, Gamespot, Microsoft stores, and Best Buy.


Target Promo 2Pay special note: right now, at Target stores, you can get a $15 Target gift card when you buy a Gamband!


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4 thoughts on “Gameband Is the Ultimate Wearable (for Minecraft Players)

  1. what fun! can you share any insight about how it works when there are multi-players involved? my two daughters build worlds together, and their own worlds on their own. does GameBand support them EACH saving their joint and singular work?

    1. Hey Michael! The Gameband does support the ability to save the worlds when they build together, or when they build worlds on their own as long as the world is being built when it is open to LAN. To open a world to LAN, simply create a single player world and click the options button while in-game, and click “Open to LAN.” This allows members in the same household to build and play in the same world. The Gameband will save this world and progress as you go! 🙂

      1. Yay! Off to buy 2 GameBands! (both girls have birthdays in June) Thanks Emma! Thanks GeekDad!

  2. That even looks pretty cool. I would normally find minecraft apparel a little… cheesy, but this is something I might actually buy for my son.

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