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Image: Zagg

Today, it seems like none of us work only in the office. With over 1.4 million apps now live in the iTunes network, employers, clients, and contemporaries are expecting everyone to work on the go. Cloud computing is becoming pocket computing with the release of every new phablet, app, and OS. But it is getting harder and harder to protect and use the monstrosities we proudly carry in our pockets. Zagg’s solution? The InvisibleShield for protection, and the Pocket Keyboard for utility.

Image: Zagg

The InvisibleShield HDX is a phenomenal product. It combines clarity, shatter protection, and a glass-like feel. To top it off, I’m loving the self healing feature. I unthinkingly traced an image from my phone onto paper to have a quick sketch of the concept art I was discussing with a friend. This left distinct lines on the screen protector, deep and clear. I went a bit cross-eyed when I realized what I had done. I was still miffed with myself the next morning, until I realized that the lines were gone. Completely mark free, the InvisibleShield casually said “surprise +2 to your phone’s AC.” I thanked all positive forces, crossed myself, and promised my phone that I would take better care in the future.

Image: Zagg
Image: Zagg

The Pocket Keyboard is a total standout in my book. At 9″ by 1/2″ when folded up, this keyboard fits in my suitcase, breast pocket, and even some of my suit-pants pockets. When unfolded, it includes a must-have staging shelf, and is less than 2″ smaller than my desktop keyboard. This translates into a keyboard experience that beats the pants off of my iPhone’s screen keyboard.

This is so useful to me because, if I type on my iPhone while in the landscape view, the keyboard takes up most of the screen. The external Bluetooth keyboard skips that altogether. Instant upgrade to my email interface! The inclusion of function, command, and control keys mean that I can save tedious keystrokes by being able to press modifier keys at the same time as the character stroke. I’d evaluate it to be a +3 to AP, making it a critical (if not Vorpal) upgrade to my arsenal.

Check out Zagg’s many accessories and utility upgrades for yourself on Amazon.

Disclaimer: The author received the InvisibleShield and Pocket Keyboard for review purposes.

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