Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 12 – Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

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Episode 12: Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

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This week, we are without a Third Wheel as we take on Jamie’s experience at the 2015 Disney Parks Social Media Moms Celebration, which was held over Mother’s Day weekend at Walt Disney World Resort.

Jamie was one of two dads to attend this year’s event, and he gives the inside scoop on the entire thing, from how to get invited to what they serve for dinner.

IMG_7264Be warned: there’s not an abundance of pixie dust here. This is an honest recap of the event, the speakers, the perks, and everything else it entailed. Jamie dishes about the exclusive events provided to attendees, the sessions, the family-focused activities, the “advance screening” of Inside Out, the pros and cons of Memory Maker, and the abundance of commercial sponsorships.

He also shares what it’s like to have an endless supply of FastPass tickets and what it was like to be one of two men in a group of nearly 200.


Despite how it might seem in this episode, I (Jamie) and my family had a fantastic experience, and if I get invited again, I’d attend in a heartbeat. I may come across as somewhat negative here, but there were a lot of truly great aspects to the event (including a few I completely forgot to mention in the episode). Keep an eye here on GeekDad and on The Roarbots for my recaps, coming soon!


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