Exclusive Preview: “Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #36”

My eldest son gave me the first collected volume of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman for Mother’s Day this year. Sensation, a digital first weekly, exceeded expecttions, and I liked the dark but hopeful story, ‘Dig for Fire,’ by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman so much I wished they could be the new creative team on the monthly comic.

Here’s your chance for a look at the series. DC Comics has provided GeekMom readers a free preview at the latest issue of Sensation, which is out tomorrow. This is written by Caitlin Kittredge, with interior art by Scott Hampton and cover art by Doug Mahnke with Christian Alamy and Carrie Strachan

From DC’s description:
“Echidna” part 1 of 2! The streets of Gotham are dangerous at night, but not for Diana of Themyscira. When she sees Echidna, Mother of Monsters, attacking a local thug, she jumps into the fray–though she never expected to take Echidna’s side!

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The chapter will be available for download on Thursday via the DC Comics App, Readdcentertainment.com, iBooks, comiXology.com, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus.

SenWW 36 SF Cover





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