Exclusive! Get a Mashed-Up First Look at ‘Teen Beach 2’

Teen Beach 2, image courtesy © Disney Channel
Teen Beach 2, image courtesy © Disney Channel

If you have a young Disney fan in the house, chances are you’ve heard of Teen Beach Movie. The unapologetically cheesy, cheerful, and fun musical premiered on the Disney Channel in 2013, and the soundtrack stayed firmly entrenched in our family’s CD player for months. I might even know all of the dance moves for “Crusin’ For a Bruisin’.” Just saying.

Disney Channel star Ross Lynch and the rest of the cast are back this summer for Teen Beach 2, which looks to be just as peppy and upbeat as the first movie.

Thanks to the Disney Channel, you can now get an exclusive first look at one of the songs from Teen Beach 2, “Gotta Be Me,” mashed up with a very familiar tune to anyone with a preschooler.

Kickstarter Alert: SwapBots Augmented Reality

A magic surfboard, teens traveling through time (kind of) and into our world, and toe-tapping musical numbers—geeky kids should find plenty to entertain them in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie.

The magical musical premieres on the Disney Channel this summer.

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