Swiffer Celebrates Cleaning Dads With Wet Jet Kit

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Image: Rory Bristol
Image: Rory Bristol

Dads across the country are cleaning. Most families say that the fathers in their homes do an equal amount (or more) of the cleaning. The question comes to mind: “Why are dads cleaning more than they used to?” In my experience, it comes down to evolved cultural roles, and tools which make cleaning easier. Mothers as the bread-winner and stay-at-home dads change who is responsible for any given task. Tools like vacuum cleaners, spray nozzle bottles, and microfiber cloths make cleaning on one’s knees a thing of the past. To up the ante, Swiffer has launched a campaign for cleaning dads.

Swiffer is celebrating dads and their growing role inside the home. Their campaign shows dads who are not just helping to clean; it focuses on the growing phenomenon of dads being the driving force for a clean home. Their surveys have yielded some amazing results.

• Americans say that dads today are pitching in with chores nearly 2x more than their dads did growing up.
• Half of dads today say they do the majority of the cleaning in their home.
• Ninety-eight percent of dads agree that having a clean home makes them happy.

Swiffer sent me a Wet Jet kit, and it felt like Christmas–but for Spring Cleaning! The unit was easy to assemble. Of course, I followed the directions, but I found many of them unnecessary because it was so easy. The handle is a collapsible rod, which snaps into the base. The bottle of cleaner slips easily into the base with a satisfying snick. The only thing I missed was the batteries. The unit did not come with batteries, but needed 4 AAs. The special Swiffer pad was easy to put on, as it’s connected with a soft hook and loop fastener.

Image: Rory Bristol
Image: Rory Bristol

I set out on a cleaning adventure. I swept the floors in advance, and then whipped out my new Wet Jet. With the push of a button, the cleaning solution sprayed out. “Jet” is a great description. The solution sprays wide, and far. I cleaned our wood floors easily enough. A couple of spots didn’t come up, so I switched to the Mr. Clean Eraser pad, and voila! No more spots.

The Wet Jet is a great product, and one I’m glad is in my home. It will fit in with my routine, and doesn’t require tons of cleaning solution, which is a big bonus in my eyes, because I hate buying proprietary solutions too often. Biggest pro: no bending over to clean spots. Biggest con: batteries. Totally worth the tradeoff.

Check out the Swiffer campaign video below.

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