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‘LEGO Elves’ Portal Suggests Toys to Life Ambitions

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With LEGO Dimensions being officially announced, eyes are now turning to which franchises and LEGO series will be included in the Disney Infinity style game.

Polygon have a strong list of contenders, including packs from the DC Comics universe Ghost Busters and Scooby Doo, however I think they may have missed an obvious contender that my Daughter suggested while she was messing around creating her own LEGO Dimensions portal: Elves.

Lego Elves is a new spin off from the popular Lego Friends line, it even includes its own Lego Toy Pad style portal and has a video-game key-lock mechanic. Also because it doesn’t have the Disney license attached like the similar Disney Princess Lego Friends sets this makes it less conflicted and more likely.

This would also be a good way to broaden the appeal of Dimensions to a broader demographic of players. I looked at the physical Lego Elves sets at the New York Toy Fair and asked Soren Laursen (President LEGO US) about the potential video-game cross over along with the relevance of Minecraft for LEGO.



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