The GeekDad Legal Fund Continues to Grow With Your Help

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GeekDad has settled its long-standing legal issues with our former partner Condé Nast over ownership of the GeekDad name. We came out with our brand intact, but dealing with a major publisher, as with land wars in Asia, can be expensive. So, two weeks ago we started our crowdfunding campaign towards helping pay off our legal expenses.

The response has been heartwarming. The outpouring of affection from our fans reminds us that what we do isn’t just for us, but for everyone who needs ideas for projects to do with their kids, or just to know when’s a good time for a pee break during the latest blockbuster movie. In just two weeks, we’ve brought in over 3% of our goal (we’re looking for $80,000 in the next 18 months.

If we do the math, and if we could keep things going at this rate, we’d be able to make that goal. But we also know that to keep things going, we have to keep asking. We need everyone who has ever enjoyed a post on GeekDad to consider offering something up; maybe just the cost of a fancy coffee once a month. Every little bit matters.

Over the eight years we’ve been doing this, we’ve had literally millions of people read our stories (really, it’s like 30 million unique visitors). If getting help from people was like using Drake’s Equation to determine the number of spacefaring races in the galaxy, then figuring 1% of the people who have read a story on GeekDad might learn about our plight, and then 1% of them might actually give us $5 a month on Patreon for a year to help, then we’d bust through our goal early (or be visited by aliens).

Here are the ways you can help us:

Thanks for all your support. And for the fun of it, we’ve been collecting special shout-outs from cool, geeky people in the areas we cover. Here’s a few of those:

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