Bristol Banter #1: Firsts

Bristol Banter Podcasts

Bristol Banter is a geeky conversational podcast. Rory and Jenny Bristol discuss a new theme each week, with sections including “Did You Know?” and “Obscure Awesome Trivia” (OAT).

Bristol Banter Episode 1: Firsts

In their premiere episode, GeekDad Rory and GeekMom Jenny talk about some firsts, including banks, maps, and death by robot! Email Rory and Jenny with the correct answer to the OAT question and, if you are the first to send a correct answer, you will get a mention in the next episode.

If you have any comments, questions, or requests for future episodes, write Rory and Jenny at Listen to the podcast above, check us out at iTunes, or follow along on Stitcher.

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