Fun, Excitement, and Mystery Abound in ‘Alien Invasion in My Backyard’

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Stuart Tennemeier is fond of starting clubs. He just isn’t big on doing any club work, which is why he has recruited his best friend, Brian, and grudgingly accepted his sister Violet’s help in exploring and solving mysteries. The trio form the Exploration Mystery Unbelievable (EMU) Club in Ruben Bolling’s newest book, Alien Invasion in My Backyard.

Like any good club, after its formation (and writing its first official report), the kids are off on an adventure in no time–hoping to solve the mystery of a missing game controller. What follows is the type of non-stop action and improbably hilarious fun that only a kid could dream up. There are secret passageways, water balloon fights, and even spelunking as the adventure builds before, as the title suggests, there’s an alien invasion in Stuart’s backyard. But how the invasion arrives and who represents the invading forces are surprises that no one could predict. Well, except for Brian, maybe.

The EMU Club’s adventures perfectly capture the intersection of imagination and wonder–the crossroad that’s so often found in cardboard boxes, pillow forts, and backyards everywhere. It’s wonderfully fun reading for the 7 to 10 set, and the book, set in a handwritten font and nicely illustrated with occasional cartoons, is even fun for those of us who haven’t experienced an alien invasion in the backyard in quite some time.

Alien Invasion in My Backyard is the fourth book from Bolling, who is well known for his Tom the Dancing Bug, rotating theme comic.


Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this book for review.

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