Testing Mugen’s New 3DS XL Battery Upgrade Claims

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There are many ways to extend the life of your New 3DS XL battery. Whacking in a massive replacement is perhaps route one. We test out how effective this is and whether it ruins Nintendo’s sleek 3DS lines.

More details about Mugen’s battery. Also check the Battery Tests playlist for more comparisons.

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1 thought on “Testing Mugen’s New 3DS XL Battery Upgrade Claims

  1. I saw your review of the Mugen battery packs for the 3DS line of systems, and it convinced me to buy my own battery! However, I am actually still wondering how these batteries held up for you in the long run. Did they eventually break or stop holding charge? My instructions that came with the Mugen are in broken English, and it’s very difficult to understand what they are trying to explain. It just has me wondering about the actual quality of the product in the long run. I’d really appreciate a follow-up on this review. 🙂

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