The Dice Section: A La Kart by Daniel Solis

The Dice Section #24: ‘A La Kart’ With Daniel Solis

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The Dice Section: A La Kart by Daniel Solis

The Dice Section is a podcast about games–tabletop, video, whatever–and what makes them great. My co-host, Dave Kirby, and I get together and talk about what we’ve been playing and why. We explore┬áthe games we love and┬átalk about why they’re special, how they play a part in our lives, and what makes us come back and play, day after day.

This week, game designer and friend of the show Daniel Solis joins us to demo his latest game, A La Kart. We chat about Nintendo nostalgia, Dave’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate addiction, and why games made in Japan are so much fun.

Dave, Michael, and Daniel on the Dice Section
Photo: Daniel Solis

Daniel, who developed the storytelling RPG Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple (which we wrote about back in 2011) and, most recently, the Belle of the Ball card game, is back with A La Kart, a quick and easy “light CCG” inspired by kart racing video games.

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