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My wife says that I am easily amused, but I am usually surprised and delighted when something works as advertised. This could be cause by the fact that I work in advertisement. Nevertheless, when it just works, that’s great.

ClickStickRecently, I had a chance to review the Thumbs Up! Click Stick. I know you have seen versions of these things, sometimes referred to as the “selfie stick” being used by tourists and other people who document every minute of their existence on Facebook or Instagram. I would have never thought I would want one of these simple gadgets, but I did think it would be fun to review one.

The Click Stick has a telescoping shaft handle that is sturdy and reminds me of a golf club grip. The gadget holder end of the stick has a rubber spring-loaded bracket that holds Apple or Android devices. On this end is basically a headphone plug that plugs in and controls the mobile device’s shutter via a button on the handle. I say Apple and Android specifically because that is the only compatibility that is mentioned on the instructions. If fact, it has a switch for one or the other.

My neighbor has a generic selfie stick that she has to set a timer for the mobile device shutter and I have seen these with Bluetooth remotes that must be paired with the device also. The great thing about the Click Stick is that it works right out of the box! I even stuck my iPhone 5 into it with the shack case still on. I will admit, this telescoping gadget is a lot of fun and I imagine we will take it on all of our family and personal trips.

Click here for more information on the Thumbs Up! Click Stick.


Disclosure: A Click Stick was provided for review purposes.

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