Ceekars with Gear VR

Ceekars: Virtual Reality Without Eyes

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Most experiences with virtual reality are nearly entirely visual, with only audio playing anything other than a supporting role. Specially engineered for virtual reality gaming and movies, Ceekars (pronounced “seekers”) are claiming the title of world’s first 4D headphones. They connect wirelessly with any smartphone or PC to integrate with a virtual reality (VR) device.

Traditional headphones are designed for single, fairly standard audio scenarios and certainly not real-time, dynamic, lifelike experiences. They do not react to movement or give indication of distance or direction and physical sensations are limited to secondary motion of the drivers within the headphones. Ceekars uses a proprietary physics-based 4D audio technology in conjunction with a VR system to create soundscapes that let the user place where sounds originate (i.e. up or down, or in front of you). Combine that with an integrated haptic feedback system (with real-time processors and powerful mini-VR controller) to allow the user to really feel the experiences being represented through the earphones.

Ceekars with Gear VR

Ceekars is planning two models of the 4D earphone, one for mobile devices and another for connection to personal computers via USB. Both variations are expected to be available in July.

Ceekars is raising funds now on IndieGoGo — with some awesome perks for those who help bring 4D sound to fruition. Click here for a direct link to the campaign.

Next Galaxy Corp is the company behind Ceekars and is also developing a full virtual reality delivery platform, with their own content including VR learning and social content that takes advantage of VR with a full plate of VR Concerts, Classrooms, Sports and Cinema — all in immersive audio and video.

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