Crochet This Baymax Hat For Your Favorite ‘Big Hero 6’ Fan

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Image: RepeatCrafterMe
Image: RepeatCrafterMe

Fans of Big Hero 6 will absolutely love this adorable crocheted Baymax hat. I haven’t crocheted a thing since I was little, but this could make me get back into the hobby. It’s the work of Sarah of RepeatCrafterMe who has posted the full directions on her site along with step-by-step photos to help you with the project.

She has it all broken down so that there’s a section for the hat, a section for the head, and a section for the arms to make it easier to follow. Baymax is also easier to work with than some other characters because he’s all white except for his little black button eyes so there aren’t lots of colors to manage.

Image: RepeatCrafterMe
Image: RepeatCrafterMe

Technically this is for kids, but who’s to say that you couldn’t modify things just a bit and make this for yourself? No one. So go ahead and crochet this adorable hat for yourself and absolutely no one is going to try to stop you. They will, however, be jealous so make sure you keep a close eye on him so he doesn’t go home with the wrong grown-up.

You can find the instructions at RepeatCrafterMe along with all sorts of nerdy crocheted items. Best of all, the patterns are free!

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