Toy Fair 2015 Funko Booth

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As usual, Funko had one of the most interesting booths at Toy Fair this year. I didn’t take an official tour, but I did take a ton of photos. I managed to quickly snap photos of most of the figures. I had to delete a few that were blurry, and missed a couple small sections because a tour of buyers was in the way, but I still got over 240 photos of figures.


My favorites include Jayne with Vera, Wash with the dinosaur, The Dude, and the Deadpool Fabrikation. There were two giant sculpts of Jeff Bridges as the Dude and an enormous Groot. I’m not done processing all my photos yet, but here are most of the figures. I’ll add the photos of The Dude and Groot when I get through the rest of my SD cards.

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