Seriously, doesn't. Roy look like a little kid here?

Same Geek Channel Review ‘Arrow’ Episode 315 “Nanda Parbat”

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Seriously, doesn't. Roy look like a little kid here?
Mommy, daddy, please stop fighting!
Source: CW.

Welcome to this week’s Same Geek Channel: Arrow Edition. We’ve been harsh on Arrow this season, and we’re willing to admit when something we’ve complained about is fixed.

Corrina: Serious game-changers on Arrow this week. I should be cheering, especially because the women call Ollie out on his ridiculous paternalism. However, at this point in my Arrow-watching, I’ve realized I loathe the main character of the show.

Seen here, sparring with the mass murderer who brainwashed his sister. Source: CW.
Seen here, sparring with the mass murderer who brainwashed his sister.
Source: CW.

That happened last year, too, when I decided Ollie made such stupid decisions and treated the people around him so badly that I was Team Slade. That ended when Slade killed Moira. I’m not Team Ra’s at this point.

But I could definitely become Team Nyssa.

Seriously. Source: CW.
Seriously. Sign me the heck up. (Psst…I’ve had a girl crush on her since Spartacus–Corrina)
Source: CW.

Mordechai: I’ve been frustrated by that since the first season Huntress episode, but this one really, really takes the cake. This episode made a clear case for how the majority of cast members have grown and changed since season one… except Ollie.

Corrina: I realize we’re supposed to watch Ollie making mistakes and sympathize even if we don’t agree with his decisions, but when I’m sure the entire show would be better without Ollie, and when I’m actively rooting for him to die, that’s not a good thing.

Mordechai: I honestly couldn’t believe the first twenty minutes of the show. When I say my jaw is dropped, this is not a figure of speech. For one thing, Thea got actual lines. For another, she’s making sense. Why the hell are they rescuing the mass murderer? Because she might feel bad later? LET HER FEEL, OLLIE!

“I’ve been keeping a secret: I hate your acting.” Source: CW.

Corrina: This is the paternalism I’m talking about. No one can know the truth of who they are because Ollie must protect them. There’s a tinge of something more subtle under there, that Ollie’s doing this because he’s trying to save himself from his guilt, but his decisions are so stupid that they make no sense.

Malcolm killed Robert Queen. Remember? Ollie feels guilty about his father’s death, but Malcolm is responsible. That makes Malcolm responsible for everything that happened to Sara after she boarded that boat. And let’s toss in Tommy and the hundreds who died in Starling because of Malcolm’s bomb. And the prison guard just last episode.

Mordechai: And let’s not forget the big reveal–it’s not really about Thea at all; it’s because Ollie has PTSD from almost dying. The whole thing is about his manhood.

Corrina: Three final points about why I hate Ollie.

1. He’s going to resort to torture to save a mass murderer? And it’s not even needed because we find out later that Ollie has a tracker on Malcolm. ::headdesk::

2. If he wants to stop killing, then why don’t all the people guarding Ra’s place count? Ollie, you just killed bunch of guards after giving speeches about not wanting to be a killer and letting Slade live. And then you went and killed these guys?

3. How is getting killed trying to save Malcolm going to make Thea feel any better?

Seriously, explain that to me again. Source: CW.
Seriously, explain that to me again.
Source: CW.

And, last, how do any of these that make any story sense?

Mordechai: Ollie’s moral compass spins fast enough to achieve lift.

Corrina: You know how you gave up on Gotham, Mordechai? After this season of Arrow ends, I’m out for good.

Mordechai: It’s funny–a week ago I’d be right there with you. But I can’t get over how this episode made me like and root for Thea and Laurel, two characters I honestly didn’t care for. Hell, they made me like Roy, who has up till this season has been window dressing.

Corrina:  Yes, Thea takes control of her life, making every single right choice, turning over Malcolm to get justice for Sara and telling Laurel the truth about Sara’s death.

Mordechai: I love how for a minute there, she starts to buy into what Ollie and Roy are selling, and then says “what–no, this isn’t about them, it’s about me.”.

When Thea Queen takes personal responsibility, she doesn’t mess about. Source: CW.

Corrina: And Laurel, instead of going into a stupid, ridiculous rage like everyone usually does on Arrow, realizes that Malcolm is responsible for Sara’s death, not Thea.

She should have taken the damn shot. Source: CW.
She should have taken the damn shot.
Source: CW.

I would have loved, loved to see that same scene done with an actress with actual facial expressions.

Corrina: With Laurel, good lines are practically a miracle. I’ll take it.

The entire moment of revelation and her face never moves.
The entire moment of revelation and her face never moves.

Plus, Felicity throws up her hands with Ollie and walks out. It’s not like he gave her much choice, given he’s decided to commit suicide via Ra’s Al Ghul. One thing leads to another, she helps Ray build his super-suit, and they sleep together.

But not *in* the actual suit (fans self). Source: CW.
But not *in* the actual suit (fans self). Note: They’re just kissing, folks. Cropped because he’s shirtless.
Source: CW.

Mordechai: As someone who hasn’t been a fan of the Felicity/Ray relationship jousting, this episode was perfect in that regard. Why? Because she’s in control. The whole time. I’m not saying women have to be in control, but it’s a welcome contrast to her dynamic with Ollie.

Corrina: It’s clear Felicity chooses this relationship. She goes to Ray. She helps him. He’s grateful, appreciative of her caring about him, values her intelligence and he’s kind to her.

This is a sexy combination even before Ray walks around shirtless.

I *wish* I looked this good after not showering for a week - M. Source: CW.
I *wish* I looked this good after not showering for a week – M.
Source: CW.

Aside; Brandon Routh looked adorable. Though he comes in second to the adorable British documentary filmmaker hired on Empire last night.

Back on topic, this is the best the women have been for some time, and Thea’s grown on me.

Mordechai:  Except one. Lyla Michaels. The show basically forgets she exists for episodes on end, then mentions her when they need a jet.

Oh hey, that's right - you guys exist! Source: CW.
Oh hey, that’s right – you guys exist!
Source: CW.

Before I forget–Diggle had the line of the episode with “My friends call me Dig. You? How about you just don’t talk to me.” Hey, how about that closing scene? Diggle asks Ollie to be his best man, and then Ra’s asks Ollie to be his successor.

Which you just know is going to piss of Nyssa. This is an homage to the classic dynamic between Ra’s and The Batman. Thing is, I can’t figure out why he’d want Ollie. Our “hero” has shown himself to be someone with a real honor problem.

Corrina: I’m going to turn comic nerd for a minute and rage.

I didn’t see Ra’s asking Ollie to be his successor as a homage to the classic Batman stories by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams. I see it as retrofitting an entire storyline on Ollie when it doesn’t belong anywhere near Olllie.

It’s wrong in so many ways that I would take an entire column to articulate why. But let’s concentrate on the lack of imagination.  Create new villains. Create a new mythology for Ollie, much like was done for Season 1.

Denny O'Neil & Neal Adams do the hairy-chested Bat-God. Ollie doesn't belong in here. Image via DC Comics
Denny O’Neil & Neal Adams do the hairy-chested Bat-God. Ollie doesn’t belong in here. Image via DC Comics

Don’t steal Batman tales. Nyssa Al Ghul has been a neat addition because she’s a little used character. But this stuff with Ollie and Ra’s is ridiculous.

Nyssa's gonna be *maaaad*. Source: CW.
Nyssa’s gonna be *maaaad*.
Source: CW.

And, as you point out, what the heck does Ra’s see in this Ollie anyway?

Mordechai: I didn’t say it was a good homage.

Will we continue to see a trend of characters calling Ollie on his BS? (Yes please!) Will Captain Lance ever call his daughter back after she lied to him for months? (I wouldn’t.) Will the Atom start cleaning the city up?


I’ll keep watching to see. For now.

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9 thoughts on “Same Geek Channel Review ‘Arrow’ Episode 315 “Nanda Parbat”

  1. Ollie is apparently Irish Catholic because he carries around all the guilt for everyone. I am surprised we have not heard how he feels guilty for teasing a kid in the third grade.

    Where is Ollie’s guilt when it comes to the probably hundred of women he hit and quit? Where is Ollie’s guilt over the woman he actually knocked up and saw again.

    Loved Thea in this episode. Looking forward to her donning the red and yellow as Speedy. I also loved how Laurel was like “Damn, you fight a lot better than I do.. I really suck at this.” though she leaves the formal training of that to Malcolm. That was an excellent scene IMO. Really showing how out of her depth Laurel is and probably needs a new weapon. The cop baton is not cutting it.

    It was also a great Roy episode. Now that is showing someone who feels guilt.

    Ollie got a big dose of PIS this week and it’s a damn shame. I get his PTSD moment, and no I don’t think that makes everything about him. I think it speaks to his motivations as a character. He is totally outmatched, but too damn stubborn to care.

    That’s what the whole episode really comes down to. Ollie is too damn stubborn. I wouldn’t be surprised if by season’s end that is the lesson he needs to learn. Inching us close to the fun loving righteously angry Ollie we know from the comics.

    The ATOM suit is the dumbest thing that ever dumbed.

  2. That ATOM suit is dumber than the dumbest thing that ever dumbed.

    at least they didn’t call it “Iron Ant”

    (then again, Marvel steals so much, and pokes so much fun at DC, maybe they SHOULD).

      1. If it was going to be BB up until the last minute and they already did all this pre production work on the suit then I get the change to Atom. Since they knew it was going to be Ray and not Ted before the season and they still developed this armor anyway I say that the suit is still the dumbiest bunch of dumb that ever dumbed.

  3. If it had been Ted Kord, I would be rooting for Booster Gold to show up. Then they could spin off the two of them into “Blue & Gold,” a buddy comedy superhero show. Now there’s a series I’d watch the heck out of! I vote for Matt Keeslar of the Middleman for Booster.

  4. Unfortunately, the show sucks now. Nearly every character is stupid, vapid, stubborn, and/or blind.

    Hey, I do finally like Thea, now that she’s no longer wanting to hang with her murdering biodaddy.

  5. I’m very happy that Thea was actually able to say things fro knce but I’m so sick of her bipolar behavior. Ollie comes back from dead- I hate you I thiught you were dead and stop acting like dad cause you never will be! Their mom dies- Ollie i love you! She finds out Malcolm is her Bio father- Ollie i’m gonna lie to you like you did to me and go train with a mass murderer! She finds out Ollie is the Arrow- oh Ollie, you’re the best brother ever! Finds out Malcolm drugs her to kill Sara- Malcolm I will train with you but I will never again be your daughter! Ollie wants to go get Malcolm back from Ra’s- Ollies you stupid idiot!
    (These may not all be in correct order amd things obviously happened in between some of these, but you get the point)

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