“Don’t Go Barefoot. Go Barefoot and You’re Dead.” – ‘Doctor Who’ Is Coming to LEGO!



The next wave of LEGO Ideas sets has been announced, and it’s great news for geeks everywhere. Not only is, as the headline has already told you, there going to be a set based on the long-running TV show “Doctor Who,” but there will also be a set based on the acclaimed 2008 Disney/Pixar film “WALL·E.”

The “Doctor Who” set is the answer to the prayers of many fans of the show, who have wanted to see this happen for years. The design submitted by LEGO Ideas user AndrewClark2 brilliantly combines the old version of the show and the new: Both the Fourth and Tenth Doctors are represented by minifigs; a sign reads “Totter’s Ln,” referencing the original junkyard home of the First Doctor’s TARDIS back in 1963; a Weeping Angel from the new version is included, as well as a K-9, which was primarily seen in the Fourth Doctor’s day; and a Dalek and Cyberman, common to both old and new, are included as well. The set includes a TARDIS exterior, of course, and a terrific version of a TARDIS console. It remains to be seen exactly which elements of AndrewClark2’s design are used and which are not, but I for one am hoping they choose to go with the Tenth Doctor and Rose instead of the Twelfth Doctor and Clara (as AndrewClark2 mentions in his design). I mean, everything else aside, the Tenth Doctor is just more fun, and Clara is… Clara. Besides, you couldn’t really do justice to Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows on a minifig, but David Tennant’s hair is no problem. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane just seem obvious, to me at least, but I’m much more a fan of the new show than the old so don’t have strong opinions on that score.


The WALL·E model is brilliant, having been created by Angus MacLane, who is a Pixar animator and director, and actually worked on the movie. The model looks pretty complicated as it is, but I have faith in LEGO’s Master Builders’ ability to make it accessible.

Prices and availability have yet to be announced for both sets. We can only hope they make a whole lot of both, because I have a funny feeling these are going to be incredibly popular.

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  1. I hate to say this, because I like most Lego products, but based on the photo here, I very much prefer the Doctor Who minifigure sets issued by Character Builders (I have a few of them in my home).

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