The Dice Section: Dungeons & Dragons

The Dice Section #22: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

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The Dice Section: Dungeons & Dragons
The Dice Section is a podcast about tabletop games and what makes them great. On and off for the past few years, my co-host, Dave Kirby, and I get together and talk about what we’ve been playing and why. We try to go in-depth with the games we love and explain what’s so special about them, how they fit in with our own personal day-to-day stories, and why we keep coming back to the table to play more.

I’m excited to bring the show over to the GeekDad Podcast Network and host it here. It means we’ll work really, really hard at toning down our language, so you can listen to the show while your kids are around. It also means that we’ll be more likely to keep to a biweekly schedule. More than anything, it means that Dave and I–and our frequent guests–will get to play more awesome games and share them with you, the listeners.

Our game this week is Dungeons & Dragons. Dave and I are joined by Greg Tito, former Editor-in-Chief at The Escapist, developer of the Adventurer Conquerer King tabletop RPG, and a really awesome dad to boot. We talk a lot about fifth edition, but really it’s any edition. All of them, even. Just the whole thing, and how important the game has been to us throughout our lives.

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