GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution — Making Up 2015

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This past week’s puzzle as previously posited:

The upcoming new year, 2015, is unusual — it has only three prime factors: 2015 = 5 x 13 x 31. What better way to celebrate this fact than with a crossword puzzle?

As you would expect from GeekDad, this crossword puzzle has a twist. In addition to having a clue, each word in the solution also “sums” (A=1, B=2, C=3, Z=26, etc.) to 5, 13, 31, or some product of 2015’s prime factors. For example, the clue “Jeremiah and friends” (5 letters) solves to “FROGS” and 6 + 18 + 15 + 7 + 19 = 65 = 5 x 13.

As always, please send in your completed puzzles to GeekDad Central, and a drawing for this week’s fabulous prize will be made among the correct (or at least reasonably well-reasoned) responses. Many thanks in advance to the team over at ThinkGeek for this week’s prize: a $50 Gift Certificate from ThinkGeek!


0. Integration’s partner
4. Between universities
9. Realness
12. Writer or donor
13. Cruelty or malice
18. He who forgot
19. Praise or honor
20. Sponsor or assuror
22. CTRL-H’ed
25. Merle Tuve
28. More like Ann or Andy
29. Traded clothes again
32. Reports in alignment
35. To arrange or score again
37. 45 degree cut
39. College post to speak
41. Equal debits and credits
43. Slanderous or scandalous
44. Like ibid
45. Deceptions or feints
47. Differences or variances
48. To glimpse or behold
49. More Georgian (US)
55. Not the defense
57. Erigeron glaucuses
58. 2013 Best Original Screenplay
59. More stylish (UK)
63. Jobs
64. Fans or aficionadoes
66. Before tomorrow
68. Follows SO
70. Transgressed or trespassed
72. Is medically inadvisable
73. Renewing your status
0. At high volume
1. Field-effect transistor
2. Ego’s friend
3. Brain doctor
4. Without fear of harm
5. Some nuts
6. CA city
7. Canadian word
8. He who hugs
10. Brimley-Tandy film
11. Hairpieces
13. Baby cow-like
14. Thread-like
15. Victims of bacon-neck
16. Not naughty
17. Scrooge McDuck
21. Makes fakes
23. Ay, Bee…
24. Fireworks
25. Regional cooking styles
26. Original poster
27. One of 5 at birth
30. A waxy protuberance
31. Large or vast
33. To cut a coin’s edge
34. Relating to a Norse God
36. About 5.5 quarts
38. Pack up
40. Impatience or uneasiness
42. “Mr”s in India
46. Raining men
47. Fires spark plugs in order
50. Kept in sleevies
51. River in Western France
52. TN Airport
53. Han’s brother, Don
54. Confined or laid up
55. Worldwide outbreak
56. Letters in order
60. 12.5 Cents
61. Ate greedily
62. Resin or gum
65. Third person pronoun
67. Number of years
69. Accelerated freefall
70. Transcription indicator
71. Between TX and MS

Good luck, and happy puzzling in the new year!

Congratulations to Kevin Harbin for completing a solution and for being drawn at random from among the correct solutions! He will be the recipient of a $50 Gift Certificate from ThinkGeek in the near future!

Here is the puzzle, completed. Based upon feedback, the most challenging clue was 38 Down, “Pack up.” The answer was “KCAP” (the word PACK, but UP instead of down.)

Should I have listed it as 38 Up?


Thanks to everyone that sent in a submission, and for ThinkGeek for sponsoring our weekly puzzle.

Happy puzzling in 2015!

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