11 New Gadget Kickstarters You Want to See (and Back)

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3Doodler 2.0: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen, Reinvented
Launched at CES: The new version of this very fun pen is 75% smaller and looks great.

LyteShot: A Sensor-Based Mobile Gaming Platform
Launched at CES: Toward mobile games that involve running around, not staring at a phone.

Vikaura Screen: Use your smartphone to customize your world
Launched at CES: Low-energy screens that hang on a wall, display weather, photos, etc.

fahz • It’s your face in a vase!
Cool concept: Submit a face profile that determines the shape of a 3D-printed vase.

JACK – The WiFi Guitar Cable
Turns your guitar into an Internet thing.

Kraftwerk – highly innovative portable power plant
It’s not a German synth band; it’s a charging device with a fuel cell that runs on camping or lighter gas.

Andromium: Turn Your Phone Into a Work Computer and Family Game Console
An interesting effort to leverage the power of your Android smartphone.

Listnr: Your Listening Assistant
A cloud-connected update to the Clapper.

The Parrot | A compact teleprompter for DSLR cameras
Tons of video is getting shot with DSLRs, so a tiny teleprompter makes sense.

Starscraper: The Next Generation of Suborbital Rockets
Boston University’s rocket club wants to send up a 30-foot-long rocket.

Hyper-B: Mesmerizing kinetics
A math-inspired toy. “Who knew that hyperboloids could be so much fun!”

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