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All this week, we’re bringing you a deep dive into the awesome new tabletop game Thunder Track.

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Thunder Track is an expansion of the already-popular Turbo Rally, with dozens of new cards, and new layers of strategy. This is a complete game, playable by 2-10 people (or teams), for ages 10 and up. You can use your own toy cars (like Matchbox or Hot Wheels) as playing pieces, and even customize them with 3D-printed weapons!

Thunder Track is sponsoring GeekDad all this week, so each day we’re going to feature a part of the rules and images from the cards, to get you all excited about backing the project.

Weapons Play

Weapons are used at the beginning of a player’s turn during the attack phase. The attacking player must start their turn from the On-Track position in order to attack. If the attacker is Off-Track, they may still use their weapon’s special abilities if they do not require an attack roll to use.

At the beginning of every player’s turn they have the opportunity to attack. If players choose to attack, they must first name their target. If the attacker’s weapon has a Special Ability that requires the use of additional rounds, the attacker must announce its use at the beginning of the attack.

The defending player rolls one die first. The attacking player then rolls. If the difference between the two numbers rolled falls within the accuracy spread dictated by the attacker’s weapon, the attack is considered successful and deals damage to the defending player in the amount outlined on the attacker’s weapon card. A ‘direct hit’ is when the defending and attacking player’s dice match exactly.

Players may attack any number of opponents as many times per turn as they choose, so long as they have sufficient ammunition to do so.

Players receiving damage as a result of a successful attack are knocked Off-Track. If one damage point is taken, place your racer next to the track you were previously on. For each additional point of damage taken, move your racer back one track.

Players may not receive additional damage while Off-Track. To return back to the track, players advance one track per turn, re-entering their lane at the exact same position they left the track.

Players may not take damage that would move them back beyond the the starting line (the first track card in their lane). If a player takes damage that would move them beyond this point, go back to the first card. All additional damage is canceled.

Flat Tire damage is dealt by flipping the target’s car upside down off to the side of the track where the Flat Tire was encountered (either by landing on a Flat Tire track or being subjected to the effects of an opponent’s weapon or RPM).

On the player’s next turn they may flip their car right-side up, still Off-Track.

On the following turn, that player may move back onto the track at the point they left. They may continue play as usual on the following turn. Cards that reduce or increase damage have no effect on Flat Tire damage.
Weapons begin each race with full ammunition indicated by the numbers across the bottom of each card. Weapons may be reloaded by trading in three RPM cards from your hand or by playing an Instant Reload RPM card.

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