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Turbo Rally Card Racing is back and better than ever with the all-new THUNDER TRACK. Using the original, endlessly expandable Turbo Rally Card Racing platform, THUNDER TRACK adds more twists and turns with over 30 new card designs and play updates sure to excite racers of all ages! The game is a project on Kickstarter, and is (as of this writing) at 84% funded with just 7 days left. They only need $2,000 to push them over the top, so if you want to get a really fun card game for the family, give it your pledge!

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Thunder Track is an expansion of the already-popular Turbo Rally, with dozens of new cards, and new layers of strategy. This is a complete game, playable by 2-10 people (or teams), for ages 10 and up. You can use your own toy cars (like Matchbox or Hot Wheels) as playing pieces, and even customize them with 3D-printed weapons!

Thunder Track is sponsoring GeekDad all this week, so each day we’re going to feature a part of the rules and images from the cards, to get you all excited about backing the project.


Each of the basic track cards and corresponding moves are described below. For step-by-step videos online, visit

Move forward one space.

RPM Draw cards are considered a basic track; move forward one space. Draw one RPM card from the draw pile during the Move Phase. If a RPM Draw card has been converted to another track type during the Response Phase, the draw is canceled.

Move through the Pass Lane, and play the next card during this turn.

1. Move forward a half card to the “wait here” line.
2. On the players next turn, do not flip a card, but instead advance to the back half of the Stop Light. Play resumes as normal the following turn.


Detour routes are considered “On-Track.” You may not bypass a Detour once you move onto the route. Take two cards from the top of the draw pile, and align them beside the detour card along your lane. On your next turn, do not play the card in front; instead play the detour route. Play cards as normal until you reach the end, then resume your original course. If another Detour card is drawn along the current detour route, continue adding cards parallel to your track lane. Once you have completed the detour route, remove the cards from play, and place them on the bottom of the draw pile.

Advance to the third or fifth card after the Jump card, and play it during this turn.

Move forward one space onto the Shortcut. Remove the next two cards from your lane (also clearing any oil slicks that may be in play on these cards), and
place them at the bottom of the draw pile. On your next turn, advance across the opening to the next card.

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