Thunder Track Rally Card Racing: Where Vroom-Vroom Meets Lock-and-Load

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Turbo Rally Card Racing is back and better than ever with the all-new THUNDER TRACK. Using the original, endlessly expandable Turbo Rally Card Racing platform, THUNDER TRACK adds more twists and turns with over 30 new card designs and play updates sure to excite racers of all ages!

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Thunder Track is an expansion of the already-popular Turbo Rally, with dozens of new cards, and new layers of strategy. This is a complete game, playable by 2-10 people (or teams), for ages 10 and up. You can use your own toy cars (like Matchbox or Hot Wheels) as playing pieces, and even customize them with 3D-printed weapons!

Thunder Track is sponsoring GeekDad all this week, so each day we’re going to feature a part of the rules and images from the cards, to get you all excited about backing the project.

RPM Play

RPMs (Radical Performance Maneuvers) are played as enhancement or counter effects. RPMs can be saved and played at any point during a five-race tournament according to the card’s ability. RPMs are dealt at the beginning of each race. Players can earn bonus cards by landing on an RPM Draw card (draw 1) or winning them at the end of each race. RPMs can be used individually (every racer for themselves) or to help fellow racers in temporary alliances or team play.

How RPM Cards Work

Some RPMs can change one track type to another (i.e. Basic Track to a Jump). This change is permanent unless another RPM, Performance Upgrade or Special Ability counters these effects or changes the card again, in which case the topmost track card’s type is played. After a track is converted to another type, you may play any cards on it according to its new type.


Action RPMs can either enact or counter various effects. For RPMs that counter an effect or provide protection, their abilities remain in effect for the entire duration of the player’s turn on which they were played. Once a RPM card is played, it cannot be recovered and no more than one of each RPM card may be played per turn.

For example: A player flips a Jump card and no opponent responds. The player then adds an Instant Nitrous Oxide card to the Jump. An opponent then decides to play Instant Tire Spikes to deal Flat Tire damage and cancel the Jump and Nitrous Oxide. Finally the player responds with Instant Run-Flat Tires to counter Flat Tire damage and complete the Jump. The Instant Tire Spikes card is lost and cannot be recovered. If the player lands on a Flat Tire track following their Jump, the Run-Flat Tires remain in effect.

Once a player crosses the finish line, they are out of the race and cannot play RPMs on behalf of team members.

Performance Upgrades Play

Performance Upgrades are earned by taking first place in a tournament race. The winner of the race chooses the top card from the Performance Upgrades draw pile. Performance Upgrades are played to enhance or counter effects and can only be used by the player who won them. Performance Upgrade effects last for one race and are removed from the game once used.

You may use your Performance Upgrade for any race you choose, but you must declare which card(s) you intend to use by placing the cards face-up at the starting line before the race starts. You may use more than one card in a race to combine their effects. Performance Upgrades are used in addition or as a counter to RPMs. Opponents must remember which Performance Upgrades are in play for that race before they use their own RPM cards. If they play a card that is cancelled by a Performance Upgrade, they lose that card.

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