Skylanders Introduces Two New Elements



For the first time in the franchise’s history, Skylanders is introducing two new elements. Light and Dark elements join the other eight elements in Skylanders Trap Team with the introduction of two new characters. Knight Mare and Knight Light will be available soon along with a location piece that will unlock a special level in the game.

Both knights will wield Traptanium weapons allowing them to join the ranks of the other trap masters. They will include a special trap that is capable of trapping both light and dark villains. These villains are members of Kaos’s elite force, the Doom Raiders, and include Luminous and Nightshade. No word yet on other members, but I believe Eon will let the portal masters know as soon as he can.

Skylanders makes a great last minute gift and can still be picked up on Amazon if you hurry.

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2 thoughts on “Skylanders Introduces Two New Elements

    1. It appears that these are mystery elements. Given the layout of the trap organizer and the number of slots dedicated to the existing elements I don’t think there’s room for any more.

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