Elementary, My Dear Wong: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Dr. Strange

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Dr. Strange LogoThe oft-rumored casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead in the 2016 Dr. Strange movie is finally official!

After being notably absent from the October movie event, Marvel announced yesterday┬áthat the fan-favorite actor of Sherlock fame (and Star Trek and The Imitation Game and so, so many other movies and shows — seriously, you can’t swing a Baskerville hound without hitting Cumberbatch nowadays) will bring his honed gravitas to bear on the up-till-now ignored magical portion of the Marvel universe.

It’s spot-on casting. Cumberbatch has more than proven with Sherlock that he can bring intelligent, yet wiltingly arrogant, characters to life.

Now can we get Martin Freeman as Wong? Please?

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