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I was a bit skeptical about a cheap steam cleaner for the floor. This Monster Stream Jet still managed to impress me, but with exceptions. It isn’t everything it claims to be. For day to day dirt on tile, linoleum, and hardwood it works great. Simply sweep the floor with a broom or dust-mop, then run over it all again with the steamer. The pad glides easily over the floor and picks up dirt and dust with ease. Where it fails to meet expectations are with any sort of grease.

We recently had a minor bacon grease spill. After wiping up as much of the grease as I could with paper towels and a hand towel I tried the steamer. The results were not good. The heat and cleaning pad only served to spread the invisible film of grease around, making the floor very slippery. I ended up going back to my trusty Simple Green for the final cleanup.

The Steam Jet also ships with a special attachment to allow it to glide over carpet. I tried it a few times with little or no success. For one of the tests I tried cleaning up a small pet mess. It did little or nothing to the area. I ended up going back to my larger, and much more expensive, carpet steamer to get the stain and odor out.

I was also sent a slim vacuum to test, the Monster 600XL Hi Performance stick vacuum. This is like some of the more expensive cordless models, but corded. Suction was better than I expected, but the dust bin was so small I had to clean it out every minute or two. Overall it might be fine for cleaning up some spilled cereal, or a little dirt or dust, but in our pet filled house it isn’t worth the time.

Both of these products are available on QVC, but I can not recommend the vacuum. For day to day cleaning of tile or hardwood floors the steamer works great. We use it regularly in the kitchen and bathrooms. The removable pads get tossed into the laundry after each use and we have yet to need to replace anything. Though to be honest, if I had to pay more than about $50 for this, I’d just stick with our wet jet.

The steam jet can be found here, and the vacuum is here. I also found a similar, though more expensive, model of steamer on Amazon here: Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer.

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