5 Minutes of Daily Fun From Cooberry (Sponsored)

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I’m lucky; both my kids are avid readers. If yours aren’t – or even if they are and you’re simply looking for another way to integrate reading and language into your geeklings’ daily screentime – a new free online storytelling service called Cooberry is here to help.

Named for a special fruit that grows on this hidden isle in the Pacific, Cooberry Island is the home of a growing cast of talking animals and the location of their many magical misadventures. Through animation, guided storytelling, easy-to-navigate pictures books/ebooks and a smattering of fun, relevant factoids, Cooberry strives to create edutainment content that stokes kids’ imaginations and provides parents with a safe, nurturing online environment through which to share this valuable story time.

Specifically tailored for children 4-12, Cooberry promises to provide regular, manageable doses of new entertainment. Whether your family enjoys this content in daily five-minute blocks or all at once in a longer weekend session – which is perfect for single parents like me – Cooberry.com is sure to become a new online destination for learning, sharing and fun.

Available now on your PC or Mac (and some mobile devices), Cooberry island beckons – as do your newest animated friends JJ, Ace and Kate… and even the cooberries themselves!

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3 thoughts on “5 Minutes of Daily Fun From Cooberry (Sponsored)

  1. Great resource. Thanks. I think my kids will like it. Another helpful resource I have found is the book called, ” Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day,” by author Susan Newman, Ph.D. http://www.susannewmanphd.com/ This book is a parents’ assistant in creating a warm, fun family environment children will recall happily.

    1. My children love this, Robert :-). It’s especially great for road trips. Susan’s book sounds perfect and I appreciate you sharing it.

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