Skylanders Trap Team: Released October 5th

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Game Truck Interior. Photo by: Anton Olsen
Game Truck Interior. Photo by: Anton Olsen

Skylanders Trap Team will be released this Sunday in the US. My family and I, along with a few friends, had a chance to play a demo of the new game last weekend, and what we saw has us stoked for the release. This release delivers new characters, new elements, and the trap itself.

Trap Team adds a cool game mechanic in the form of a traptanium crystal. As the name suggests, it is a crystal (tinted plastic) and a trap. At certain points in the game the player will have the ability to trap a boss into the crystal. The crystal must match the boss’ element and up to 2 villains can be kept in each crystal. This character is then playable at any time in the future. This turns out to be a new and interesting way to swap characters and overcome obstacles.

We had the pleasure of testing out the game with Game Truck Party. Imagine an RV or travel trailer decked out with leather couches and many gaming consoles. I’d not heard of them before, but they’ve been operating since 2008, and have a lot of franchises all over the country. I’ll definitely be looking to book a party or two with them in the future. The truck (trailer) that visited us had 6 TVs and was equipped with a couple of Wii U consoles and a few PS4 consoles, but configurations vary by location.

If you haven’t ordered Skylanders yet, it is available for pre-order from Amazon for $75. I’m not sure how, or if, they will swing a Sunday release date, but I recall receiving a special package on Sunday for one of the Harry Potter books, so it is possible. Here’a a link to the Xbox One Skylanders Trap Team. Other console options are also available at that link.

The entire Skylanders Trap Team game is also available on tablets for the first time. The game includes a special low energy Bluetooth portal with its own wireless controller. I’m very curious to see how the game plays on the small screen and how well the controller works for both small and large hands.

Game Truck. Photo by: Anton Olsen
Game Truck. Photo by: Anton Olsen
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