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Nintendo Unveils New Play Nintendo Website

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play nintendo kirby

Last week Nintendo of America unveiled Play Nintendo, a brand new online destination where fans can explore all Nintendo’s greatest characters and franchises. Packed with personality quizzes, gameplay tips, polls and videos, Play Nintendo is a fun and safe place where kids can connect with Link, Toad, Kirby, Mario and the rest of the gang.

Obviously, the primary purpose of this project is to point players toward existing and upcoming game titles that may strike their fancy, and indeed each selected activity includes a “Learn more about great games” section that links to additional info regarding related titles. However, to Nintendo’s credit, a special parents site is provided to serve as a resource for those new to gaming or simply looking for better ways to meaningfully engage in their kids’ preferred pastime.

With sections dedicated to things like wellness and upcoming events, not to mention crash courses in Nintendo tech, Play Nintendo’s parents portal serves as a fine resource for this perennial provider family gaming bliss. From discovering which titles are right for your children to recipes and craft ideas and even suggestions for how to balance screen time with outdoor play, Play Nintendo promises to be a helpful site for GeekParents everywhere.

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