Music for the Whole Family: Nightlight Daylight

Muriel Anderson, kid music for adults,
Music to steal from your kids. (image:

Nightlight Daylight is a 30-song double CD set for children from infancy on up. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is exclusively for the smaller set. It’s a masterful production by brilliant guitarist Muriel Anderson featuring complex but quietly soothing music on the Nightlight CD that flows seamlessly into lively sophisticated tunes on the Daylight CD.

Anderson collaborates with some of the world’s best musicians including Earl Klugh, Mark Kibble (Take 6), Phil Keaggy, Stanley Jordan, Roy (Futureman) Wooten, Danny Gottlieb, Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs (Tierra Negra), members of the Nashville Symphony, and many more. Acoustic guitar weaves in and out through cello, African drum, piano, mandolin, electric guitar, and vocals to create music that’s not only great for kids but also perfect for everything from meditation to dancing.

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