Lunarbaboon: The Best Laugh of Your Morning

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If you are not familiar with the webcomic Lunarbaboon, let me introduce you to this (not always) subtle and (usually) nuanced read. Chris “Lunarbaboon” Grady is an adult male from Toronto with a wife and one child. His webcomic is centered around his interactions with the world. His humor is born of brutal honesty about his experiences, with a healthy healing dose of imagination. Whether his life is highlighted by getting aliens to take out the trash, or calling into work because his cat has made its home in his lap, Lunarbaboon is ruled by his own geek-dad mind. References to Star Wars, Spider-Man, and crossovers abound in this family-friendly graphic delight.

Every morning I hope to see Lunarbaboon in my Feedly feed. It makes my day to see another dad out there with a strange view of the world. If you fall in love with what you see, consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign to publish Lunarbaboon: VOLUME 1. It is already funded, but that means you can donate just $5 CAD to get the PDF for yourself.

1 icomic to bind them all. Image: Lunarbaboon
One comic to bind them all.
Image: Lunarbaboon

Heads up to parents: there is the occasional swear word, but the themes are family friendly. Screen before showing younger kids.

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