Great Geeky Baby Costumes for Halloween

Hacking the Holidays

Jason Morrison decided he had one last chance with his infant Finn (the one he and his wife let the Internet name) to do some gloriously geeky bald-character cosplay, and the results are delightful.

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What kind of awesome and geeky baby costumes are you doing this year? Post them in the comments, or send them via social media!

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4 thoughts on “Great Geeky Baby Costumes for Halloween

  1. Sadly, my kids will not get to be geeky this year because I lost the fight with my wife. I have a three and a half year old and a pair of one year old twins….all boys.

    They’re being a chef (3.5 yo), a cookie (twin a) and milk (twin b)…my wife’s pick. I wanted Bowser (3.5 yo), Mario (twin a) and Luigi (twin b).

    One day, they’ll look at pictures and think that the cookie/milk/chef combo is lame and they’ll regret I didn’t win.

    If I remember, I’ll post a picture here post-Halloween


  2. Nice geeky costume. Would be great memory to look back when we are old, and they have grown.
    Will shoot some geeky pics of my kids during Halloween and post em here.

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