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Tomorrow (Saturday, October 25) is Extra Life’s National Game Day: gamers from all over will be attempting to play games (videogames, tabletop games, mobile games, you name it) for 24 hours in order to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

You can start your own event, and find a local hospital to support, or find an event and kick in a few bucks. And although the big game day is tomorrow, you can host your own events any day, or even split up your 24 hours over several sessions if needed. The point is to raise money and have fun while doing it.


Keith Baker
Keith Baker, game designer and Extra Life gamer.

I’ll be cheering for Keith Baker, who will be playing in an epic D&D adventure. His first 8-hour session will be tomorrow, and he let supporters help build his character. (It looks like Name and Bond are still up for grabs.)

Unfortunately I can’t play games for 24 hours myself tomorrow, but I’m happy to kick in to Keith’s campaign. Go to Extra Life’s website to find an event near you, and help local kids in need!

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