Vtech VM333 and TV

VTech VM333 Video Monitor: Watching Baby While Watching TV

Vtech VM333 and TV
Catching up on Silicon Valley. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The VM333 video monitor from VTech, our sponsor this month, is handy when I want to watch a little TV while the baby’s napping.

I don’t watch a lot of television—basically I’ll turn on Netflix or HBO GO while I’m folding laundry, so it takes me about four loads of laundry to watch one episode of anything, and maybe a couple weeks to watch a feature-length movie. Oh, and that’s complicated by the fact that I try to avoid giving my baby screen time, so I’m folding laundry and watching TV during her naps.

But, of course, watching TV and listening for the baby is a tricky prospect, particularly if I’m wrapped up in whatever it is I’m watching. That’s where the VM333 comes in: I set up the video monitor right next to my TV, and if the baby squawks I’ll see it on the screen, too, and know that it’s time to hit pause and go check on her. And, of course, the other nice thing about the monitor is that I can peek in to see if she’s actually ready to get up or just kind of having a little conversation with herself.

It’s handy having the wireless monitor, because I can just pick it up and take it wherever I’m going, though if I’ve been using it a lot (or if the baby gets hold of it and keeps hitting buttons) then it does need recharging more often.

Review unit provided by VTech.

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