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It’s Soulminder Week at GeekDad (Sponsored)

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This week GeekDad is pleased to present to you, our discriminating readers, a look at the latest novel from a man who is nothing short of geek lit royalty, Timothy Zahn. The latest from the Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy and Starlord scribe – funny how that last one suddenly holds a lot more weight than it did in the 90s – is the tale of a man driven to the brink of obsession from the very depths of grief, changing the world in the process.

After the death of his young son, Dr. Adrian Sommers devotes his life to developing the technology to contain a human soul while its earthly body recovers from otherwise fatal wounds. But at what point does this amazing breakthrough become yet another reason for violence and corruption? When does the wish to extend life become the thirst for immortality?

Over the next seven days we’ll be exploring the fiction of Zahn’s not-too-distant future, and getting to know the author himself along the way. Plus, as an added bonus, each day we’ll be sharing an excerpt from this work for you to explore and enjoy.

Welcome, friends, to the world of Soulminder!

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