Legendary Encounters: Free Hugs … for Your Face

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LegendaryEncounters box cover

In space, nobody can hear you shuffle.

This year, Upper Deck expanded its Legendary line of semi-cooperative deck-building games into the Alien universe. Legendary Encounters lets you experience the first four movies as a game, or you can mix and match characters, locations, and objectives for customized scenarios.

Spoiler alert: In case you’re not already familiar with the Alien movies, there are spoilers here.

At a glance: Legendary Encounters is for 1 to 5 players, ages 17 and up, and takes about 45 minutes to play (shorter if everyone dies quickly). It retails for $59.99. The age rating is more for the game’s content than gameplay, since the Legendary Marvel game is rated 10 and up. However, because of the graphic nature of some of the illustrations, I would highly recommend taking a look through it before allowing kids to play. Some cards also have movie quotes on them, so expect to see some strong language.

Since there will be images in the review that may not be kid-friendly, click to the next page to continue reading.

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5 thoughts on “Legendary Encounters: Free Hugs … for Your Face

  1. Boy, am I glad I found this. I thought the cards were sorted that way for a reason, and I certainly didn’t notice the fine print at the bottom. The rulebook did nothing to explain how to tell which cards are for which deck, or even which cards are what type? (I’m used to pictures of each card type at the beginning of the rulebook.)

    Thanks to you, I’ll be able to sort my cards and set up a game.

    I hope I have enough tape in my labelmaker for all the dividers. You seem to have used nearly all of them!

    1. Yes, I think somewhere about halfway through the rulebook there’s a mention of the tiny text denoting the different decks—but I didn’t find that until I was halfway through pulling out various cards and trying to group them by type. They should definitely have a “when you open the box” list of instructions.

  2. Amen on the card sorting. Just bought the game and my son and I excited to play during the dolphin/bengal game. Holy moly, took us 1-1/2 hours to figure out that the cards were in no order and we had to sort ourselves. Pfffffft. But! The game was a blast once we were able to go. Great review, you are spot on.

  3. Hello! On the card Good Agenda AGGRESSIVE there is an icon looking as a green armored jacket but i don’t understand its signification. I can’t find it in the rule book. Thanks for your help.

    1. That’s the defense value. Each character card has a green armored jacket with a number in it that represents their defense value, and that card lowers their defense value. I had to search for it, but on page 14 under “Players Fight Players” it explains it: you can fight another player by spending Attack equal to that player’s Defense value, which causes them to draw a Strike card. So Aggressive lets you spend fewer cards for an attack.

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