The Battle for the Net

Happy Internet Slowdown Day!

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The Battle for the Net

If you’re wondering about the spinning GeekDad logo and the “Loading” ad to the right, here’s the explanation.

Big ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable support internet fast lanes. They want to control which services get access to high-speed connectivity by charging extra fees, Netflix, for instance, had its speed throttled until it agreed to pony up for access. You may have seen this chart from the Washington Post:

ISP Speed
The Washington Post’s chart shows Netflix’s speed before and after they paid Comcast.

This is where things are headed without net neutrality.

Now, here at GeekDad we don’t normally get into politics, but this hits pretty close to home. Without net neutrality, many of the sites you visit on a daily basis—those that can’t afford to pay huge fees for faster speeds—will take longer to load. Today is Internet Slowdown Day, and sites all across the internet are using “loading” graphics to give you a small taste of what the web might be like without net neutrality.

For more information, visit, which has links to sign a letter to lawmakers, a better explanation of net neutrality, and a scoreboard showing members of Congress and which side they’re on.

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