Peavey Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Guitars and Ukes

Peavey’s Guardians of the Galaxy Rockmaster Guitar. Image: Peavey Electronics.

Just when Guardians of the Galaxy couldn’t get any more popular, Peavey Electronics has recently added a line of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy instruments and accessories to their line of Marvel products.

The line includes a Guardians of the Galaxy version of Peavey’s popular Rockmaster Guitar, as well as a three-quarter student-size model. A half-size acoustic version is also offered.

Peavey General Manager Tony Moscal said they try to keep their graphics based upon the age of the intended user.

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Spider-Man continues to be Peavey's most popular Marvel line. Pictured is the Spider-man ukulele. Image: Peavey Electronics.
Spider-Man continues to be Peavey’s most popular Marvel line. Pictured is the Spider-man ukulele. Image: Peavey Electronics.

“For example our half and three-quarter size student instruments feature images that are more youth based comic oriented graphic,” Moscal said. “As the instruments increase in size, price, and sophistication, the graphics are more mature.”

Other licensed lines appealing to younger players include DC Comics, Major League Baseball, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This line for older teens and adults include The Walking Dead and House of Blues. Next up for the company is a line of products featuring The Simpsons.

Moscal said the biggest seller in the Marvel line continues to be Spider-Man, although there are always spikes in sales whenever a new movie is released. This is certainly the case with skyrocketing popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy.

In addition to the guitars, the Guardians of the Galaxy line includes straps and picks, as well as an instrument that is getting more and more attention, ukuleles.

Moscal said ukuleles have always sold well, especially with younger and beginning players.

“Ukulele sales continue to be strong as it is and easier instrument to start learning with, especially in Europe where most kids start playing ukes in school,” he said.

One of the byproducts of the Peavey’s Marvel, as well as other licensed design tie-ins, has been helping to spark an interest in music and learning an instrument with more young players.

“We have seen excitement regarding beginners getting involved in music because of their favorite characters,” Moscal said. “It also creates bragging rights to show their friends.”

As Rocket Raccoon would say: “Oh, yeah!”

Peavey’s entire Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel line is available on their website at

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