Posterjack Turns Your Photography Into Stunning Masterpieces

Here's the final result. My photo of my photography really isn't doing it justice. See below for original image. Photo: Jenny Williams
Here’s the final result. My photo of my photography really isn’t doing it justice. See below for original image. Photo: Jenny Williams

Even those of us who aren’t professional photographers can occasionally take a really beautiful photograph, especially if we take enough photos that we would have broken the bank if we’d been using actual film. (Digital photography FTW!) But most of these photos that we take tend to just sit on our hard drives, or, if they’re lucky, make it to a photo album or scrapbook. Shouldn’t you showcase your finest work? Shouldn’t the really gorgeous photos make it to your wall?

Getting quality prints and frames is never a cheap prospect, but it need not be a tasking endeavor. No longer do you need to procure a large print and then take it to the framing shop, unsure of the final cost. These days, it’s easy to do all of that work online, with the final product just showing up on your doorstep.

Posterjack, a Canadian company which recently expanded into the U.S., performs such a service. On their website, you can upload your photo and choose one of many different ways to display it. They do the traditional mat board and wood frame, posters, canvas prints, wood prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, and more. Even peel-and-stick!

I opted to try out the acrylic print for a photo I took on a recent trip, one of the better photos of the 2000+ that we took. I chose the 16″ x 24″ size, which works for my DSLR image. You can choose from many different ratios, depending on the source of your photo.

Choose your medium, choose your size, upload your image, choose any extras, and voila. The whole process is extremely quick and easy. All you need to do then is wait a few days, and the affordable flat rate FedEx shipping ($9.99) delivers your work of art safely. You also get free shipping with anything $150 and over.

I was very impressed with the packaging that Posterjack uses. The box was a few times larger than my artwork since the photo was wrapped in a light foamy material, then put in cardboard and bubble wrap, then fastened to a cardboard structure which suspended the artwork quite expertly in the middle of the outside box. The whole collection of packing material protected the wall hanging very well, and the acrylic print also had a peel-off layer of plastic to protect the surface.

How is the quality of the final product? I’m extremely happy with the acrylic print. It makes a statement on our wall, and is unlike any of our other wall hangings. (My photo of my print doesn’t do it or the color justice—it actually looks much more like the digital print than it appears). If you stand very closely, you can see some texture in the printing, but from any normal distance, it’s quite clear. The quality of the materials and the printing is very high, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Posterjack again when in the market for displaying my own photography on the wall.

There are a couple of options for hanging the acrylic prints. You can order a stand-off kit, which stands the image off of the wall while attaching it, or you can order a more traditional photo hanger. There are several hanging options for other types of prints, too, as well as border and colorization options. We opted for the stand-off kit, which worked marvelously. The instructions weren’t terribly effective, and my second-guessing them meant we didn’t have extra holes in the wall. The instructions recommend a much larger drill bit than is best for the job. We used one two sizes smaller, and it was still a bit big. So use your judgment. But this is my only complaint.

My original digital photo. Photo copyright Jenny Williams.
My original digital photo. Photo copyright Jenny Williams.

I don’t think I’ll get sick of looking at my own photography on my wall. Posterjack has made it very easy to do photos justice. But never fear; if your photography skills just can’t cut it, Posterjack also has a gallery of beautiful photos to choose from, for a relatively small additional fee.

Check out Posterjack for displaying beautiful photography on your wall. When all was said and done, the final cost for my acrylic photo was about $150. Smaller prints are considerably cheaper than that, while larger ones ramp up in price.

Note: I received a Posterjack print for review purposes.

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  1. It’s hung right side up. The thing in the lower right is part of the ship we were on.

  2. The photo of the print on the orange wall shows the ship part in the upper left which is opposite of the digital photo.

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      Thank you very much! I have attempted to fix it, and I hope it worked. I don’t know what happened the first time. I really appreciate your comment.

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