The Ogio Commuter Travels Well

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If you’re in the market for a fine carry-all for your summer travels or just a fresh new pack for hauling all your gear on your regular day-to-day journeys, the Ogio Commuter is the backpack you’re looking for. The genius of this bag isn’t simply how it looks – although its bright contrasting accents and sturdy construction do make for an attractive design – but also how it functions.

Its far-back padded laptop sleeve fits up to 15″ models with ease, and, with an external flap that connects via sturdy quick-release fasteners and Velcro but can also double as additional roll-top storage, it offers safety as well as flexibility. The Commuter’s main compartment is massive, with adequate storage for all your paperwork and/or gym clothes, but, since the bag’s design leans more toward height than depth (it’s around 19″ tall and a foot or so wide, but only 5″ deep), even when packed to capacity it maintains a slim, sleek footprint.

Obviously designed with the tech-savvy in mind, the Ogio Commuter boasts specially sized compartments for both the iPad and iPad Mini, making it easy to stow all your gadgets quickly and securely. And though it doesn’t feature the same self-sealing, water-resistant zippers of the larger compartments, the bag does include a nice sorter pocket for pens and other smaller items — and the Commuter’s waterproof, abrasion-resistant bottom bumper makes sure that even this outermost area is safe from the elements.

All this functionality combines with some solid additional perks – including hang-points for carabiners, breathable back padding and completely adjustable shoulder/sternum straps – to make Ogio’s solution a smart choice no matter how or where you’re travelling. Retailing for around $100, it’s a tad pricey, but there’s an obvious air of quality and attention to detail that makes the Commuter look like a grown-up’s work bag as opposed to your average kiddie backpack. Plus, Amazon, as usual, comes through a few bucks cheaper on both the basic black and sexier olive khaki designs.

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