Mezco Toyz to Release a Jesse Pinkman Action Figure

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The 6-inch Jesse Pinkman action figure is now available for pre-order. Photo: Mezco Toyz.

Yeah action figure, bitch!

Please forgive my cursing, but I am a Breaking Bad fan. If you love the show like I love the show, you’d get the above reference—and maybe even the action figure pictured above.

This is the newly announced Jesse Pinkman 6-inch collectible action figure, which is coming soon from Mezco Toyz. It’s Jesse dressed in his best blue hazmat suit and comes with a teeny gas mask, a container of chili powder, and a sizable batch of Blue Sky. According to Mezco Toyz, it’s a limited piece, so you might want to snag one when it starts popping up in comic book shops in late July. Otherwise, Amazon plans to start shipping pre-orders on August 20, 2014.

Now, I have to admit: The competing Entertainment Earth Jesse Pinkman figure may be slightly cooler, but it’s also $31 more. For that, you get the orange jumpsuit, a gas mask, a tub of the blue stuff, and a package with a Vamonos Pest sleeve. You’ll also get a bit of a wait, since that one won’t start shipping until October.

Of course, Mezco Toyz is also currently selling Heisenberg figure and a second Walter White option , so you can act out your favorite Breaking Bad scenes accordingly.

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