Do You Love Blogs? Then Show Them Some Lüv (Sponsored Post)

Geek Culture


The members of the JETCO Research team all use the Internet in different ways. Some of us look up artists and art for inspiration; some of us seek articles that enlighten us; and some of us just want to see something that makes us laugh.

The one thing we all absolutely agree about is that sometimes we find content that we deeply connect with. When something we see or hear or read resonates with us, we feel like we have to do something. Whether you’re inspired to create, compelled to share, or driven to contribute to the cause of the content creator, that emotional connection is unstoppable. We found one question that embodies that feeling: Do you love it?

That’s why we created lüv! When you click the lüv button favIcon_32_32, you can use the panel to make a monetary contribution to the content creator. Whether you have a little or a lot to give, you can pledge just the amount that shows just how much you lüv it!

You can use lüv to raise money toward a specific goal by using our TinyCampaigns™ platform. Set your campaign to support any fundraising goals – whether to support a cause you believe in, to attend an event, or to offset the cost of your hosting.

JETCO Research is committed to promoting that personal connection between content creators and their audience, and we want you to feel the lüv, too!

[Editor’s Note: JETCO is sponsoring GeekDad for a couple weeks, and we’re also trying out the tool ourselves. As such, you’ll be seeing their little lüv button favIcon_32_32 on GeekDad posts now. We hope that, if you do like what you’re reading, you’ll show us some lüv as well, and send us some micropayment love.]

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