What do YOU Want to See in the Justice League Movie?

Reading Time: 1 minute

So yes, the news broke this weekend that director Zack Snyder will be delivering a full-fledged Justice League movie right on the heels of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film we’ve all been hearing about for the last couple months. Indeed, we’ve been getting a steady trickle of casting rumors that suggested BvS is going to include first looks at many of the JLA characters we know and love from the comics, so this only makes sense. On top of that, we can all figure that Warner Brothers and DC really want to get their own money train going, just like Marvel. It remains to be seen whether Snyder is up to the Whedon challenge.

But now that we know we’re getting something, what is it we really want out of a JLA movie? Personally, I want to see a kick-patoochie Aquaman. And I want to see the TV incarnations of Arrow and Flash pulled in as well, since is already doing everything right on the small(er) screen. And I really want to see a fully-realized Hall of Justice.

But that’s just my two cents. What do YOU all want to see? Let us know in the comments, or on social media (@geekdads, facebook.com/geekdad).


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