Watch This: Arrow Keeps Hitting the Mark

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While we’re starting to see signs that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is warming up and showing some potential, it’s still impossible to deny that Arrow on The CW network continues to be the best superhero show on television. It has built its own variation of the DC universe that works; created heroes, villains, and people stuck in between them, and plays out compelling stories week after week. And now we get the above: a 3-minute mid-season trailer that promises that all the groundwork that’s been laid to date is going to pay off.

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2 thoughts on “Watch This: Arrow Keeps Hitting the Mark

  1. I started watching this series via Netflix based a mention of it on the GeekDad podcast. I’m still in the first season. I feel it started stronger but has tapered a bit. That said, the best part for me is it is something both my wife and I can watch, she’s really not into sci-fi/fantasy/superhero entertainment, but she seems to like this series. I’ll probably keep watching because I know shows sometimes need to gear up.

  2. Nice. Deathstroke has gained popularity from multiple recent appearances – notably in video games like Injustice and Batman: Arkham Origins. I’m sure bringing Deathstroke into Arrow will migrate some new viewers to the show. He’s also going to appear in the animated “Son of Batman” movie coming out in May.

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