ABC’s Resurrection: Lost-esque Mysterious TV Makes a Comeback

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If you were a fan of Lost, it would be easy to decide to avoid the new ABC show Resurrection, which premiered last Sunday. Trust me when I tell you that you’d be making a big mistake if you did, though.

Like most other Lost fans, I felt I had been given so many questions, and so few answers (most of them unsatisfying), that my time spent watching the show had largely gone to waste. Resurrection raised quite a few question with its first episode, and its second – which airs tonight at 9:00 ET/PT on ABC – answers none and raises more. But, assuming the show’s Executive Producers are to be believed, Resurrection has had an ending in sight since before shooting began, so hopefully its resemblance to Lost won’t extend too far.


In case you missed the premiere, it centers around a boy, Jacob, who wakes up in a field in China, and who turns out to be – or, at least, to appear and to believe himself to be – the reincarnation of the 30-plus-years-dead son of an aging couple in small-town Missouri. Without going into too many details, suffice it to say that at the end of the first episode, we find out that Jacob isn’t the only lost soul coming back, as a bearded man – the father of one of the prominent characters from the town – reappears as well.

I definitely don’t want to give too much away about the second episode, but I will say that it takes a much darker turn – and, considering that the first one involved a young child drowning, that’s saying something – and might not be fit viewing for some kids. It’s still excellent, though, and ends on a terrific cliffhanger – I really want to know what happens next.

Resurrection airs Sundays at 9:00 ET/PT on ABC TV.

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Note: Viewing of the second episode of Resurrection and conversation with the show’s Executive Producers were part of a press junket I attended that was paid for by Disney. All opinions expressed are my own.

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12 thoughts on “ABC’s Resurrection: Lost-esque Mysterious TV Makes a Comeback

  1. Hello Matt. Fantastic article about Resurrection here. I’ve been meaning to watch this show since its first trailer debuted. I was never a fan of Lost so I’m hoping I still fit within the guidelines to hopefully thoroughly enjoy Resurrection.

    P.s. This was an exciting read.

    Jacob Thomas
    Peoria, Arizona

  2. I never watched Lost, but I can definitely get into this show. I really hope this show is well received.

  3. I really really liked this show, but as you mentioned, have a really hard time trusting ABC with shows like this. Not just ABC though, but really any network that comes out with the type of show that reminds me of Lost, where we don’t know enough and what will next week’s episode bring and what mystery will totally unravel what mystery unraveled last week. Those shows make me sick and people are wise to their game! But anyway, I like this show so far A LOT and will tune in two more episodes, that is how much they will get from me before I will make the decision to pull out. 😉

  4. all I can say is, “how dare you”. You are preying on peoples dreams of having a loved one come back to life….shame, shame, shame on you!!!

    1. jean mancini, I would love to see my deceased loved ones again, and I have faith that I will. This is only an entertaining TV show, nothing more, so no matter what the outcome/explanation/ending of the show, it will not affect my religious beliefs. The ultimate message may turn out to be uplifting. Either way, don’t let it upset you.

  5. Thanks for the awesome comments. My son plays “Jacob” and this has been a whirlwind year for our whole family. We are very proud of Landon. For those who feel upset because of the premise of the show, I have also lost a child and believe me, I understand the definition of pain and mourning. This show is actually (somewhat) meant to allow folks like us to reflect and eventually help to heal a little bit, if possible. My prayers and thoughts to all those who have lost a child. Once again (from one GEEK dad to another) thanks for you kind words about the show.

    1. Stephen Gimenez, congratulations, your son Landon is doing an excellent job on the show. I hope he has a long and happy career, stays grounded, and learns from the unfortunate examples of young stars who’ve lost their way. I saw on his bio that he had a rare genetic disease that kept him hospitalized for most of the first 3 years of his life, now in the first 2 episodes he’s been kind of a human guinea pig with all of the medical tests and attention. Our daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 2, so we’ve had some experience with that, but luckily she doesn’t remember the worst of it when diagnosed because she was too young. Good luck to him!

    2. Stephen,
      Thank you for your perspective and I’m sorry for your loss. I also lost a child almost two years ago. I will tell you that though I haven’t seen the show (and don’t plan to) I found the advertisements that were run on a constant basis on ABC to be nothing short of excruciatingly painful. I, along with my entire support group of parents who have lost children, found this to be a gross exploitation of our grief and pain. Though we can choose to or not to watch the show, the constant and unexpected barrage of advertisements (especially during the oscars) was quite overwhelming. Even if the show has some kind of redeeming message, I doubt it will get through to many people with a significant loss as they would be unlikely to watch the show. My daughter isn’t coming back and the song “I’m coming home” now makes me shiver. My heart goes out to you and your family and I appreciate your posting here to GEEK Dad. It is the first assessment of the show I have seen from somebody in a similar situation.

  6. Isn’t this based on a book that got some media attention a while back…or am I crossing some wires? The premise just seems to be familiar…

  7. The French version, Les Reverants, was much darker and mysterious. Things were not as spelled out and there was a lot more feeling of dread throughout.

  8. Do you think there will be any Lost connections? Like hidden things? Like in Lost how you can find numbers matching up with a zip code to where a character was from? I’ve already noticed that Omar Epps character likes to bounce a ball off the wall like House would do.

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