The huggable Plush Blobfish

The Plush Blobfish Really Needs a Hug

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If there’s any animal that’s in desperate need of a good snuggle, it’s the poor misunderstood Blobfish — so named because it looks like, well, a blob.

The Blobfish
See? A blob. Photo:’s Weird Fins podcast.

In 2013, the blobfish exploded into Internet memedom when it was given the ignoble title of  “Ugliest Animal in the World” by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Even though The Smithsonian quickly came to its defense and Michael Hearst featured the blobfish on an episode of Songs for Unusual Creatures, the damage was done.

a blobfish swimming
Okay, maybe not the ugliest, but it’s still pretty weird. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

So, yeah, the blobfish needs a hug. And now, thanks the delightfully pink and much-cuter-than-real-life Blobfish Plush from our good friends at ThinkGeek,  you can give it one.

Blobfish Plush from ThinkGeek
A face that any Internet meme fan can love. Photo: ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek refers to the blobfish the Grumpy Cat of the Sea — who just so happens to have a plush likeness of her own.

Grumpy Cat Plush

Now the Plush Blobfish may not be to everyone’s liking, but that’s where the Blobfish Truffle comes in.

Blobfish Truffle
No one really knows what blobfish tastes like, but it’s probably not as delicious as these Blobfish Truffles. Image: Foodiggity.


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