The Art of Titanfall

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Titanfall0Today marks the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year. Titanfall was crafted by a co-creator of the Call of Duty franchise along with many key developers. The game has been under development for almost three years and is promising to stir up the first person shooter genre. I missed out on the open Beta a couple weeks ago while at Toy Fair, but everyone I know who got in says this is the must-play game of the year.

When Titan books offered up The Art of Titanfall for review I had to take it. I think they know my weakness for robots, but I’m OK with that. This book is spectacular. The breathtaking views, up close details of the Titans and the back story are captivating. The book goes into details of the origins of Respawn and how the game developed. My favorite part of the book is watching the progression from concept art to finished product. It gave me a sense of how much time, effort, and emotion goes into making a game like this.

TitanFall1The Art of Titanfall is available on Amazon for about $22, or if you’re flush with cash, the limited edition for about three times the cost.

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