Anxiety Comes in Many Forms (Psst! You’re Not Alone!)

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Art by Beth Evans from Tumblr (
Art by Beth Evans from Tumblr (

Though it doesn’t strike every geek, many of us deal with anxiety and/or panic attacks on a regular basis. I’m no exception, though usually my anxiety is a dull roar, merely underlying my thoughts as I go about my day. Except when it isn’t.

Recently, I came across a post on BuzzFeed from last October, showing 24 different comics that illustrate anxiety in myriad ways. Some speak to me (*cough* #3 *cough*), and some don’t (like #9), but all put various kinds of anxiety into words. All capture some of the thoughts and feelings of people who experience anxiety and panic on a regular basis. If you experience anxiety, maybe these comics can help put your feelings into words.

Anxiety is extremely common. If you’re finding that it affects your life too much, talk to others, or get help. There are many things that can be done. But most of all, realize that you’re not alone.

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