Titanfall PC Beta Impressions

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Titanfall PC Beta Impressions (via Lazygamer)

I’m not normally a fan of first person shooters, especially modern military Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta style FPS’s. Titanfall is different: it has giant fighting robots. But is that it? Is it just Call of Duty with robots? It would be if it wasn’…

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1 thought on “Titanfall PC Beta Impressions

  1. I’ve played in the Xbox One Alpha and Beta (I’m getting the game on the PC). Titanfall puts a new twist on war games to me. The gameplay is fast and furious and much different than other FPS’s I’ve played. I don’t know how much we can talk about this before the release…but I’ll say I’ve had the best experiences putting my Titan on auto while my pilot attacks whatever is attacking him! This one really needs to be experienced by gamers out there.

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